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Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club Inc
Office/Postal Address
PO Box 839, Coolangatta ,Qld 4225, Australia
Treasurer – Lorraine Bryant
Mob Ph: 0417 697 182

Committee Members:
President: Jay Phillips
Vice President: Joel Parkinson & Shane Bevan
Treasurer: Lorraine Bryant
Secretary: Mont Bryant
Chairman: Bruce Lee
Jrn Vice Presidents : Mitch Parkinson, Tom Parkinson, Kurt Rawlings & Amiya Doyle

Membership Info – HOW DO I JOIN ?
Club rounds are generally not calendered and we try to have them on the last Sunday of each month, but this can vary alot due to other events.  We also try to have 11 per year. So to keep in the loop make sure you contact Lorraine on  Mob Ph: 0417 697 182 and she will put you in her TEXT group.  Most times you will get a text the Wed or Thurs before a club round. You can also friend  “SnapperRocksSurfRidersClub” on FACEBOOK for current updates

Now all you need to do is to become a financial member. It is $10 for an individual or $20 per family, this just covers insurance.   Join Snapper Click Here:    Use Access Code 4225

Micro to Junior – Age Criteria:
Competitors must be the specified age as of 31st December in the year of competition.

6&U      Must Not turn 7 by 31st Dec
9&U      Must Not turn 10 by 31st Dec
12&U    Must Not turn 13 by 31st Dec
Cadet     Must Not turn 16 by 31st Dec
Junior     Must Not turn 21 by 31st Dec

Micro to Junior – End Of Year Ratings:
Over the year, 9 to 12 Rounds are held depending on conditions and schedules. End of year ratings are based on each surfer’s Best 5 Results from those 9 to 12 rounds. The placing’s are counted as the point score, with the lowest points winning the ratings.


Place Surfer’s  Best 5 Rounds Total Points
Total Points = 6
Total Points = 7
Total Points = 10
Total Points = 11