Every Australian World Champion started off his or her career in a local boardriding club. Australian boardriding club team events play an important part in Australian surfing history.

Since inception Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club Inc. has had eleven world champions. It takes a special formula for a club to be at the top competitive level over a thirty year period, as is the case with SRSC. Everyone wants to be associated with the high profile competitors, but it is the kids in the club, and especially how they are managed that is the lifeblood of a clubs existence.

The fact that SRSC holds an impressive seven world junior titles, states that we have the most impressive junior development program in Australia.
This program is stronger than ever, and is the key focus of SRSC,  with approximately 100 kids in the club, from juniors right down to the under 6 division, all divisions being equally as strong.

Teams Events:
Snapper has won the biggest event in Australia, the Jim Beam Surftag National final at Curl Curl in Sydney, also holding  the record for the most wins in both  the Kirra Teams Challenge and the Straddie Assault Teams event. Backing that up with wins in the team QCSS and QSS titles making Snapper  the most prolific winners of teams  events of any club in Australia

Individual Events:
We have had some fantastic results over the years from our club members.
Stephanie Gilmore who was already two times amateur world champion, qualified for the 2007 World Championship Tour and became the first person in history to win two WCT events starting from the trials. The first event was winning the Quiksilver Pro and the second, the Layne Beachley Havaianas Pro at Manly. Steph then went on to win the world title in her rookie year and has continued on to capture her 5th. Her story continues

In 2007  & 2009 Josh Kerr qualifed for the world tour and went on to compete against his club mates Dean Morrison and Joel Parkinson . In 2014 Mitch Crew has taken his rookie year as per normal, Fast & Furious.

Snapper members have held many State and Australian Titles over  the years , too many to mention, however, one things for sure, there will be many more of those to come in the future…

Click below to download PDF versions of Snapper History

The Green Room – 64 to 2000               History of SRSC 64 – 85  



• 1964 – Phyllis O’Donnell – Womens World Amateur Champion
• 1976 – Peter Townend – First World Professional Champion
• 1978 – Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew – World Professional Champion
• 1999 – Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew – World Masters Champion
• 2003 – Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew – World Grand Masters Champion
• 1990 – Wayne Deane – World Longboard Champion
• 1990 – Shane Bevan – Junior Amateur World Champion
• 1998 – Dean Morrison – World Junior Champion
• 1998 – Joel Parkinson – World Grommet Champion
• 1999 – Joel Parkinson – World Junior Champion
• 2000 – Clint Kimmins – Under 16 World Grommet Champion
• 2001 – Josh Kerr – World Aerial Champion
• 2004 – Stephanie Gilmore – U18 Womens Amateur World Champion
• 2005 – Stephanie Gilmore – U18 Womens Amateur World Champion
• 2007 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion
• 2008 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion
• 2009 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion
• 2010 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion
• 2012 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion
• 2012 – Joel Parkinson –  World Professional Champion
2014 – Stephanie Gilmore – Womens World Professional Champion


1977 Wayne Deane
1978 Billy Grant
1979 Dominic Wybrow
1980 Wayne Deane
1981 Todd Lee
1982 Bruce Lee
1983 Brett Hodge
1984 Wayne Bartholomew
1985 Shaun Riley
1986 David Smith
1987 Chappy Jennings
1988 Chappy Jennings
1989 Alby Ross
1990 Chappy Jennings
1991 Kevin Charman
1992 Shane Bevan
1993 Shane Bevan
1994 Dean Bevan
1995 Shane Bevan
1996 Wayne Bartholomew
1997 Dean Bevan
1998 Joel Parkinson
1999 Shane Bevan
2000 Joel Parkinson
2001 Joel Parkinson
2002 Joel Parkinson
2003 Joel Parkinson
2004 Joel Parkinson
2005 Will Lewis
2006 Joel Parkinson
2007 Joel Parkinson
2008 Josh Kerr
2009 Joel Parkinson
2010 Joel Parkinson
2011 Eli Jacobs
2012 Joel Parkinson
2013 Quinn Bruce
2014 Sheldon Simkus
2015 Josh Glennon
2016 Mitch Parkinson


SRSC members over the years have held, or currently hold
national and state titles too numerous to mention.